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Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies

Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies follows the journey of African creatives in Alberta, who find a sense of belonging and community through Afrobeats. It showcases their stories, as well as the growing popularity of Afrobeats in the Prairie region, highlighting the fusion of cultures and the essence of immigration in Canada.

Ivan Touko is a first-time filmmaker and passionate community leader, dedicated to storytelling and amplifying BIPOC voices. Originally hailing from Cameroon, Ivan has cultivated a deep understanding of the importance of diverse narratives and cultural representation in the arts.

With a strong background in community development and event management, Ivan has consistently demonstrated his commitment to fostering multicultural understanding and inclusivity. As the founder of La Connexional, Ivan has been instrumental in promoting the development, growth, and collaboration between African, Caribbean, Latinx, and Canadian communities through a variety of historical, cultural, and entrepreneurial events.

Ivan's passion for storytelling has led him to the realm of filmmaking, where he is able to bring his unique perspective and experience to life on screen.

Fahad Suleiman grew up in Nigeria and moved to Edmonton in 2013 to take accounting at MacEwan University. While learning about capital gains and depreciation, he also took an interest in videography. He bought a decent camera and started uploading content to YouTube. His break came — and his career attention began to shift — when he met Tracy Barry, who worked for the not-for-profit GROW Women Leaders. She asked him to make a series of short videos on successful women immigrants.

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