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My Miracle Boy

Living under the constant fear of losing her only son Jason, Elizabeth, a traumatized mother, cages him inside the parameters of their home. She controls every aspect of his life - from the food he eats, clothes he wears, to daily activities. Everything is going to plan until one day an advertisement for a mall opening nearby flies into their yard, creating a crack in her perfect world. The crack soon begins to grow as he discovers his mother may not be telling him the truth about the outside world.

Sarab Sahni is a film director in NYC who grew up in the Middle East with Indian parents. Being an immigrant her entire life she got to experience different cultures and traditions along the way as she lived in multiple countries calling them “home”.

Based on her own experiences she tells stories in her films that cover topics about women, loss, loss of identity and cultural differences that she has personally encountered growing up as a Southeast Asian living in different parts of the world.

As an artist she found beauty being surrounded by people around the world that intrigued her to tell stories that can resonate with the audience and find a connection amongst each other as an individual.

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