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Mudder's Hands

A dash of youth, a pinch of age, and an unrecorded recipe: Mudder's Hands is a charming documentary short centered around the tradition of baking Newfoundland raisin bread. Featuring an original score by Emmy-nominated composer Virginia Kilbertus and edited by Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Karen Shopsowitz, Mudder's Hands shines a light on arthritis, and blends laughter and loss with its baking tips. Clint Butler's sweet directorial debut is not only a tribute to seniors and their resiliency, but also a reminder of the value in calling your mother more often.

Clint Butler is originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Clint Butler has been an award-winning stage and screen actor in Canada for over twenty years.

In 2021, he launched his independent production company, 4CO Films, with a mandate of socially-responsible storytelling, creating art as a means of healing. He now has several projects in development.

This is his directorial debut.

Director Statement

My mother has the most beautifully crippled arthritic hands. And yet, she still sends me care packages of homemade raisin bread.

This film is a time capsule: my way of documenting her recipe, and of keeping her near. It honors her spirit of generosity in spite of the trials that come with age. I am so proud of what we created together. I hope you find the result as sweet and satisfying as I found the process while making it.

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