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Mother of the Station

Mother of the station is a feature documentary film directed by Kostoula Tomadaki.

During the 20th century, a lot of Greek women left their homeland for economic reasons and emigrated in Germany. Although many of those women (immigrants) later returned to Greece, there was an 84% increase concerning Greek female migrant workers in Germany during the first semester of 2011: most of these women are young and highly educated

Kostoula Tomadaki born in Athens and lives in Santorini. She has a degree in Political Science from National and Kapodistrian University in Athens and a diploma in film directing from the Stavrakos School. She has written and directed short films, shown in several international festivals, acclaimed by both public and critics. Also she directed educational series and 3 docu- dramas . Author of fifteen books for children and teenagers, her novel “Goodbye girl” nominated for the Greek Literature Prize in 2014. With her first future length film” Say you love me” she has participated in many international film festivals.


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