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Kill me

Kill Me is a short dark family drama that tells a story that a female care worker needs to keep a paralyzed young man alive until January 13th. But, as they get to know each other better, it turns out that they are both sad people who are controlled by others. She was a kind and decent nurse, but her life gets destroyed by the powered ones. He is tortured by his terminal cancer but is forced alive to benefit his family. A helpless compromise or a final rebellion? Everything will end on the 13th. The film is directed by Yushi Li and stars Eve Zhao. Eve was also nominated in the best actress category of MIFF 2022.

"Born in China, actress Eve Zhao received her education and enculturation in many different countries around the world. The allure to act for Eve started from an early age when she watched her grandparent’s performances on film/tv sets and from behind the curtain of a Chinese Theatrical stage that her family runs.

Her full immersion into western culture came when she moved to Melbourne Australia to pursue her studies, where she further developed her interest in acting from working on indie films. After graduation, she decided to move to the US to further her studies in filmmaking and acting. Ever since then, she’s been working as an active actor in the industry and has received worldwide recognition from acting in multiple award-winning films." Eve Zhao is known for Contingency (2019), The Indifference Between Us (2021) and Hear Me Not.

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