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An Interview WIth Julia L. Rosengren

Julia L. Rosengren believes that spreading awareness is her most important goal in life. Through film and information, she seeks to support, empower, and provide resources to communities in a safe and secure environment. Success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit margin, but by the value that we, together, can provide to those we serve. We recently spoke to Julia about her latest project.

How did you start making films and what was the first film project you worked on?

My first Film making Experience is BEFORE SUNRISE, as a Created/ Producer/ and Actress.

The Covid 19 made me feel that I was going through isolation far from my Family and Friends, so I decide to Create BEFORE SUNRISE.

Two years ago I worked as an Actress and Co-Producer on the Movie CULT CARTEL.

It was so amazing to be able to learn and be part of the filming making at the same time.

What genre of filmmaking are you looking to work on and why?

I am a Culturist and Philanthropist as I have a love for our Planet.

So I want to make Films that sends a positive message to the world, about Friendships, Love, and Saving our Planet. I am interested in Short films to make a difference; I love acting and Producing as well.

All my Short films are starting with my ideas coming from my heart.

I believe we should express our ideas and make a difference in this world

What is the most challenging aspect of being an independent filmmaker?

As a first-time Filmmaker, I found extremely challenging, but very pleasant.

I am learning every day with the Festivals, the Interviews, and other filmmakers.

As an ex-model and been in the business for many years, the language of the Filmmaker is a Challenge for me but is a very pleasant learning every time.

How challenging is it to fund indie films?

Independent films are sometimes very different and distinguishable from their style and the way they make them.

I am very blessed that I can fund my own films and be able to be free of any other rule, on How to make/ on the production/ and many other expenses that may apply.

I think is necessary to have a budget to make sure all is done in the right way.

Please name three of your most favorite directors. How have they been influential in your work?

I admire many Directors, which I think is just amazing to have that eye to give directions to make movies and have audiences to love the movie.

Quentin Tarantino inspired me for his crazy variety of Movies and unique looks, which would be a dream to be in one of his movies.

Martin Scorsese Inspired me for the artistry and charism, generosity is just amazing, how is so well done and makes me think about my next short film.

Selton Mello is a Brazilian Actor and Director, he inspired me for his simplicity and his way to talk about identity.

What is your next film project and what are you currently working on?

I am working on two projects, to come out before March 2021.

The first one is a Short film about Lockdown with myself dealing with two of myself as Characters, playing all of them like in BEFORE SUNRISE, in which I played 5 characters.

The second one is about Trees, but I can’t talk too much about it.

All my Projects like BEFORE SUNRISE is going to be filmed remotely and long-distance.

What inspired you to work on Before Sunrise?

Well, The lockdown did bring me motivation not to give up on seeing my friends, and my Family.

I was very confused when I Created BEFORE SUNRISE because we did know what was this virus means, and how we behaved about it.

I remember buying wigs and thinking, ok I can be all my friends, so I contact my great HELENA RIUL a friend in Brazil the wrote the script and I told her my idea, and soon had the script done, she contacted Rogerio Takashi to direct and edit the film, I told them we had to do this remotely.

How did you find the cast and the crew of the film?

Well was not much to find, I was the cast and the Crew, except I had Jessica my friend holding the iPhone with distance and Helena Riul and Rogerio Takashi remotely from Brazil.

And this how was done.

Plus, the translation from Portuguese to English, and English to Portuguese as Jessica did not spoke Portuguese and Helena and Takashi do not speak English.

What is the distribution plan of the film and did the film receive any screenings or was it featured in festivals?

The film is more than 130 views on Youtube and is still competing in Festivals, already won 7 Award And 13 selected and official Selected.

I am working for distribution, also is been appearing on NEWS DAILY MAGAZINE

INDIE SHORTS MAG, and American Golden Picture Interview, and in BRAZIL been on Online shows and on TV shows.

Why do you make films and what kind of impact would your work have on the world?

I want to send a POSITIV message and make a difference on our Planet Gaia.

I want to separate the bad news daily and recycle and transform on good news, I think that we don’t need to live and dream of how bad our planet is going right now.

We can transform the way we see the world now, and for me, my dream is to plant a positive message and continuing to explore the POSITIVE SIDE OF LIFE.


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