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Is Hollywood Going To Survive?

The culture and entertainment industry are changing because of the effects of the Covid-19.. Theaters were shut down while productions stopped and we saw festivals being canceled.

But Hollywood has planned to reopen now. Would Hollywood be able to bring back their audience to the theaters? How long will it take for things to get back to normal?

Independent filmmakers have always struggled to find an audience for their film in the midst of the high budget commercial films produced and promoted by Hollywood every year.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a growing number of indie filmmakers finding an audience for their films online while the entertainment industry went out of work.

Would Hollywood be defeated by indie filmmakers who are screening their films on VOD and online streaming platforms?

Would we witness a greater number of indie films succeeding during the next year? This is because indies do not rely on unions and they do not need a producer to make their films since they can easily fund low budget or no budget features these days because of the digital era.

The state of California has said film and television production can resume Friday, roughly three months after being shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But few are ready to shout “lights, camera, action” just yet. Can Hollywood survive? Will indie cinema defeat Hollywood?


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