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Home With You

When Leighton meets two step-siblings in the aftermath of a tragic loss the three quickly become fast friends...but both step-siblings quickly realize they want to be more than friends. "Home with you" is directed by Jane Aster Roe, Michelle Crossman.

Jane Aster Roe is a multimedia producer director, and storyteller. She is passionate about storytelling as a form of radical empathy and strongly believes in the power of art and media as a vehicle for societal change. With her company Aster Roe Productions, she has both produced and is in the process of producing and collaborating on short films, a feature film, several stage shows, podcasts, and a documentary on how mental illness shows up in day-to-day life. She’s driven by her own experiences, and an innate curiosity about life and human nature. Through her work Jane strives to tell untold stories and examine familiar stories through new lenses.

Michelle is the creator of the film “Home With You”. She is a many-faceted artist as an actor, dancer, choreographer, writer, producer and first-time film director from Toronto. She passionately believes that telling stories, no matter what the medium, is the universal love language of all humans. Being able to be a part of that, and make an impact, is incredibly important to her. She has had the pleasure of being able to travel the world on various dance and theatre contracts, as well as working in Toronto on many sets and stages. Michelle has learned a lot about the acting industry on various film and tv sets. Michelle is constantly ready to learn more and be inspired by those around her. Michelle quickly learns by observing those with more experience. Although, she is not afraid to get hands-on experience through trial and error. She strives to make the best, most truthful version of the stories she tells come to life.


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