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Hockey Kid: On thin ice

"Hockey Kid: On thin ice" is a Documentary film which looks at the obsession of kid's Hockey. As the second COVID-19 wave descends upon the small New Brunswick city, Evan and his team begin to learn teamwork and find the bravery required to play an aggressive version of hockey, against sometimes adult-sized kids. Evan tries to avoid injury, and just be able to keep playing hockey through the second and third wave of COVID-19 province wide lockdowns.

When they return to playing hockey, Evan and his team start to bounce back. But just when there appears to be hope, addiction leads Evans' once well-respected summer hockey coach to steal more than $20,000 of registration fees from the kids. This leads to the cancellation of summer hockey across the southern New Brunswick league.

Richard Chaisson MacQueen is an Atlantic Canadian Producer and Director whose latest feature film, "HOCKEY KID, On Thin Ice" is being sold by the Toronto distribution company Multiple Media Entertainment.

Click to watch the film:


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