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Glad you Candy

‘Glad you Candy’ illustrates a journey through the emotional upheaval of depression, dark isolation and loneliness, offering courage, providing a different point of view and giving hope to brave fears and a break from paralysis. Swamped by isolation the protagonist loses her sense of self, struggling to stay whole and metaphorically liquifying into nothingness. A sense of paralysing fuzziness and an oppressive chaotic perspective cause her to literally climb up the confining walls.

Getting up and falling down again, overwhelmed by voices from inside and out, there is a symbolic knock on the door; dooming at first, she finds courage to open up, daring to step outside. Charming creatures bounce in and out of the picture, nature is blasting its blooms. She slowly revitalises, feeling the warmth of light, hearing the giggles of friends, being cradled by a protective embrace.

She is engulfed in an overwhelming sense of relief, life and freedom. The story aims to inspire the courage to re-establish social interactions, to break out of the hazy mental sluggishness, to explore the possibility of reclaiming a clearer state of mind, perhaps being in the same physical but different mental space.

Susanne Deeken, the director os the film has a background in painting, design, illustration and music Susanne Deeken explores the language of such disciplines to create a body of work of anti-realistic animated films. Combining new digital tools with traditional analogue techniques, she draws from and expands on her broad archive of paintings, drawings and collages, creating a new surreal world of imaginary dream-like stories. Escapism, protection, questioning the nature of beauty, the grotesque, vulnerability and strength are some of the most prominent themes in her work. She lives and works in London.


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