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Ghost of Love

What’s left when love is gone? Don’t we all turn to ghosts of love one day? It’s about the struggle with bad experiences and the fight, not to turn into a stone without any feelings left...

Ghost of Love is an artistic music video which has been nominated in various film festivals.

Nicola Dymale has a degree in medical technology, but has always had a passion for

photography. CINNA (Patrick) is a hair stylist, but has devoted his spare time to

music, especially his piano, since age 6. The two childhood friends both consider themselves cineastics, which especially shows in CINNA musical compositions.

Two years ago, Nicola and CINNA decided to join forces and put their passion into

music videos. While CINNA sings, composes and produces his music, Nicola films,

cuts and edits their videos. The concept for each video is based on both Nicolas and

CINNAs ideas and visions.

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