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Ghetto University

Violence and crime rate in Montreal-North has significantly increased over the last decade impacting residents, both young and old. It is no longer unusual to avoid evening walks, find bullets lying on sidewalks, or witness police cars pulling up at a neighbor’s home. Beyond its bad reputation, Montreal-North nevertheless consists of a borough where one can find local businesses thrive and outdoor parks packed with teenagers practicing their hoops. Montreal-North is not just an environment; it is the reality of many young adults striving for a better future for both themselves and their family.

Narrated by Montreal-based entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker Frederico Panetta, Ghetto University addresses topics such as: the challenges of living in disadvantaged neighborhoods; individual and entrepreneurial success; and the non-traditional way of doing business. Through testimonies of individuals who have grown up in an environment they could not control, the film serves as a motivational piece for young adults to seize opportunities and seek growth on both a personal and professional level.

Estelle Hébert is an accomplished documentary media artist and video director. After obtaining her Masters degree in Documentary Media at Ryerson University at age 22, her professional career took off while she worked on various tv documentaries in both Toronto and Vancouver. After establishing herself in Japan, she produced and directed her first feature-length documentary film, Funakoshi, which premiered at the Carmel International Film Festival. Now settled in Quebec, her passion for documentary has led her to collaborate with a number of producers on documentary projects that aim to encourage discussion and hopefully, inspire change.

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