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Deluge Day

DÍA DE DILUVIO (Deluge day) was produced for the electro music album "You're a woman, I'm a Fish" by Nocto & Elisa, in Meisenthal, in the north of Alsace, France and with the support of the CIAV, the International Center for Canopy Art.

The musical theme was composed on the basis of Mongolian women's traditional singing, the sound percussions built from sound extracts from Californian redwoods, and the viola improvisation inspired by an Indian raga structure (Hindustani classical music). The lyrics are an adaptation of the homonymous poem by the contemporary Brazilian poet Leonardo Froes, describing in a very subtil manner a femenine orgasmic voyage, by using metaphorical images to express both the naive sensitivity and delicate sensuality of the principal character.

The progression of the voice color and vocal technique, reflect in a very precise way this transformation. We chose a female character to tell the story of this video, inspired by 3 images from Latin American literature: In the first part, a simply dressed woman walking under an eternal rain, crossing a small isolated village lost in the Colombian geography, the image inscribed in the literature of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Colombian writer, and the literature movement of which he is a precursor, Magical Realism. The specific character reference coming from his tale ISABEL VIENDO LLOVER A MACONDO (Isabel watching the rain under Macondo). This woman, finding herself gradually and increasingly surrounded by a vegetal landscape in allusion to the search for her own true nature, her soul, plunges into this tropical cosmogony and begins to integrate herself into the landscape and to be absorbed by, until it becomes its own skin.

In the darkest of the night, under the glow of a fairy full moon descending towards her to illuminate her face, this woman finds herself facing a unique encounter, a love from beyond, who looking directly into her eyes, discovers and unveils her depth and transforms her forever into a kind of rainforest goddess, a magician initiated into the Divine Nature. The literature artistic references for this second part are : La Maga, the magician, female character from the book novel RAYUELA by Belgian-Argentinien writer Julio Cortázar. And an image of a black African priestess in the work GENESIS by Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado.

The CIAV, International Center for Canopy Art, has created specially for the video, different glass pieces of art, that are present in the video, integrated in the magic forest nightly landscape, and with a particular delicate and unique work, they created this amazing fairy moon, that becomes one of the principal characters of the story.

The music was composed by the electronic duo Nocto & Elisa : composer and electronic music artists Guillaume Zenses (FR) and composer, producer, singer and violist Elisa Arciniegas (COL). The video script was created and co-directed by Elisa Arciniegas and Marc Linnhoff, french cinematographer. The video was shot by Marc Linnhoff, with help from french photographers, Vladimir Lutz and P-Mod, and Guillaume Zenses. And edited by Marc Linnhoff. The make up was done by Sophie Renier, french make-up artist. The principal character, make up concept, dressed concept and interpretation were created and played by Elisa Arciniegas. The goddess jewelry was created by Maria Silvia Pinilla, Colombian art jewelry designer.

Lyrics, translation from Spanish

When it rains so much Pitcher in the mountains And when at home it grows Water drains in a hundred leaks

Puddles insistent The noise does not stop The water is rolling penetrating everything

And I find myself dissolved As for solidity I'm floating As an inconstant wave Traveling in the storm


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