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Culs Concasses (Sort-of-Adult and Mostly Responsible)

Three professionals as well as long time friends, reunite at a bar to catch up and talk about their day, but as they share stories of their misadventures, it becomes clear that they each have a few vices that often lead to comical consequences. As if things weren't already wild enough, a drunken priest who was supposed to absolve them of their sins ends up causing even more chaos with his own drunken antics.

Axel: Axel Bouhon is a film director with a background in acting and a passion for storytelling. Through his experience working with film students at IAD and SAE, he has gained valuable insights into the industry and developed a diverse skill set in the audiovisual field.

His debut project, "Culs Concasses (Sort-of-Adult and Mostly Responsible)", showcases his potential as a film director. Despite his relative inexperience, Axel is highly skilled and professional, with a dedication to his craft and a vision for bringing stories to life on the screen.

As he continues to grow and learn in the film industry, Axel is confident in his abilities and excited to take on new challenges. He is eager to continue building his skills and gaining valuable experience as a film director.

Martin: Martin Jeff Gerard is a young Belgian filmmaker emerged from Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. He has worked on over forty short films, twenty-seven of which he was the cinematographer. Gerard is known by his peers for his unbreakable passion and fierce work ethic. He is an exceptional director of photography, a tech-savvy editor, and most importantly, a unique storyteller. When asked, Gerard said he pulls inspiration from his favorite film, Beast of No Nation, and most admired cinematographer, Bradford Young. Ultimately, Martin wants to become a director of photography on narrative films, specifically action dramas. Gerard was born in Haiti before being adopted into a Belgian family at a young age.

During the course of his life, he lived in many countries: Niger, France, Ethiopia, Mexico, the United States, and more. At the age of eight, he began making films alone using his younger sister's camera. This experience pushed him to pursue filmmaking on a deeper level at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

From there, he excelled as a filmmaker, creating his own non-profit production company with his peers. Gerard not only has worked on a short documentary in Mexico as a production assistant but also as the camera operator and assistant camera. More recently, he was invited to a film retreat with various Hollywood screenwriters to fine-tune his storytelling abilities.



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