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Bowery tells the story of five interconnected men and women as they battle mental health and addiction on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The feature film project had its premiere in Tribeca Film Festival and is an official selection of the competition of Montreal Independent Film Festival.

The film stars Richard "Dolla" Thomas, who hustles on the streets every day in his wheelchair for a few dollars. Richard pines for Jaime "Rubia" Gonzalez, who hopes to land a job and prepares for an interview. Steve Miller and Andrew Harris wrestle to overcome their dope habit, while Fifty, who comes from a long line of hustlers, sells drugs while aspiring for more. An observational documentary, Bowery takes an intimate look at the growing homeless sub-culture in the United States set against a historically turbulent year. The film is directed by

Mike Mintz and Irad Straus.

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