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The annual and seasonal Montreal Independent Film Festival celebrates the cinematic language and indie filmmaking from all over the world. The annual festival happens every spring at the Cinema du Parc of Montreal and the festival screens Canadian and international shorts and features of all genres while holding networking events and red-carpet ceremonies for indie artists dedicated to the art of cinema.

Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) has turned into one of the most popular international festivals dedicated to the cinematic language, independent filmmaking and indie artists. With thousands of entries every year, the programming committee selects film and script projects and nominates artists for various sections of the competition which also includes awards and honorable mentions of the seasonal festival in acting, directing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, music video, experimental cinema, human rights, animation, environmental, LGBTQ, student film, etc.

With sold out screenings in its annual event at the cinema, MIFF is an organization committed to selecting, awarding, promoting, featuring and screening international and Canadian projects of all genres through its seasonal and annual programs. The artistic director of the festival announced the latest winners and honorable mentions of the festival with the programming team and the members of jury who are selected from award winning artists from all over the world.

The festival also continues to select jury members who are assigned to various sections of the festival in each edition. The festival invites filmmakers, critics, actors, writers, composers, cinematographers and many agents and distributors from all over the world. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Best Narrative Feature

Miranda's Victim

Director: Michelle Danner

Best Narrative short

The King's Sacrifice

Director: Raphaël Houde Belle-Isle

Best Feature Documentary

IN THE SHADOW OF BEIRUT Directors: Stephen Gerard Kelly, Garry Keane

Best Short Documentary

Cloistered Director: Catherine Finsness

Best Independent Film

WE ARE STILL THE SAME Director: Paulo Nascimento

Best Horror/Feature

It Came From The Water / Apokawixa Director: Xawery Żuławski

Best Horror/Short

GREED & GORE Director: Adam Kirkey

Best Comedy


Director: Antonio Galdamez Munoz

Best Animation


Directors: Daniel Sousa, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

Best Science Fiction

Future Tense

Director: Samuel Carrillo

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

I Didn't Mean To Go Mental Carly Glenn

Best Experimental

The Bytes Dreams are Made of

Director: Alessandro Amaducci

Best Environmental

A Reflection of Life Director: Jesse Locke

Best Female Director

Longing for the Soul; A Quest for Rumi

Director: Aryana Farshad

Best Human Rights

I Don't Like You

Director: Borislav Kostov

Best First Time Filmmaker

Meeting Ms. Leigh

Director: R.S. Veira

Best Student Film


Director: Bo-Yu Pan


Director: Ken Kwek

Best Music Video

The Rebellion Director: Gabriel Hostetler

Best Short Thriller


Director: David Joseph Higgins

Best Canadian Indie

Tattoo Director: Liam Andrew Karp

Best Director

Drifter Director: Simão Cayatte

Best Cinematographer

Graham GS

ASHES, The myth of the heron and the 62 lakes

Best Actor

Alain Goulem

Thoughts and Prayers

Best Actress

Abigail Breslin

Miranda's Victim

Best Composer

Kristopher Carter

"Boreal Twilight"

Best Original Score


Light Between Us

Best Scriptwriter

Jim Carroll

The Pickleball Killer

Best Youth Artist of the Season

Rúben Simões


Best Feature Script

My Splendid Stranger Writer: Michael John Nelson Baker

Best Unproduced Short Script

Just Outside of Victory

Justin Wheelon

Honorable Mentions of the Seasonal Fest

Honorable Mention Experimental

"REM - The waves of endless dreams" MK-C

Director: Aiuchi Keiji

Honorable Mention Environmental

The Erie Situation Director: David J Ruck

​Honorable Mention Music Video

Flipside Director: Stacey Jackson

​Honorable Mention First Time Filmmaker

Universe Zone

Director: Alexander Sadreddini

Honorable Mention Actor

Donald Sutherland

Miranda's Victim

Honorable Mention Feature Script

21 Days in Paris

Writer: Denis Mortenson


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