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Behind the scenes

Mike, a closeted gay teenager living in a rough neighborhood, is in love with the leader of a street gang. Because of the gang leader, he commits his first crime. When the rest of the gang members find out about his orientation, they decide to use this information and frame him for the next robbery.

Artur is a filmmaker who was born and raised in Russia. However, due to his disagreement with the political structure in the country, he made the difficult decision to leave and move to New York in 2010. Artur's passion for film and storytelling was initially focused on acting, but he soon discovered his true calling was behind the camera as a writer and director. Inspired by the works of Spielberg, Kurosawa, and Tarkovsky, Artur is passionate about using film to explore the human experience and to tell stories that matter. His first short film, "Behind the Scenes," showcases his talent as both a writer and director and explores themes of identity and creativity. Since then, Artur has worked on a number of projects, including music videos and short films. Known for his character-driven stories that engage and challenge audiences, Artur is committed to pushing boundaries and taking risks in his work. He is dedicated to collaborating with other creatives to bring his ideas to life and is excited to continue exploring new ideas and concepts in the world of film.

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Wow great film Artur! The story was compelling and the sound design was super engaging. The acting and directing were also very impressive! Congratulations and good luck on your future projects.


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