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Autumn Run

Four siblings gather at their family cabin 10 years after a tragedy tore them apart. Phil, the oldest of the four, now an attorney, invites them to meet at the site, prepare the property for sale and execute paperwork requiring all four signatures. At least that’s the practical approach she pitched to hopefully bring them all together again. This bittersweet reunion is the first time they’ve all been together since the “event”. With both parents deceased, and the property left vacated, selling it and moving on may be the best plan. Will this gathering provide an opportunity to reveal the truth of what happened 10 years ago and help them heal as a family?

Set along the beautiful Mattole River in rural Humboldt County, California, filming was completed in 15 days in November 2020 while staying within budget. All COVID precautions were followed while filming on location and in all pre-production activities. We’re very pleased to report all cast and crew returned to their daily lives COVID free. "Autumn Run" is directed by Carol Ann Lang. The film is written by Carol Ann Lang and Dawn Renee Bressler.

Residing in Eureka, CA, Carol Lang is a theatre director, producer, actor, voice actor, writer, performer and teacher of improvisational theatre. Having produced, directed, written and edited numerous short films Carol starred in the talk show "The Carol Escobar Show" which aired for several years on Humboldt County's public access station; Access Humboldt. Carol produced her first full length feature film "Confession" in 2016 and "Autumn Run" marks her film directorial debut.

Watch Autumn Run:


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