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Vale - Is it worth it? Five artists in the front line against Brazil's worst environmental crime

Through music, poetry, and circus performances, five Brazilian artists talk about their grief, fears, and hope four years after the Brumadinho Dam collapsed, killing 300 people. The documentary, directed by Paul Heritage and Marcelo Barbosa (Indianara, 2019) focuses on the impact of the collapse on the artistic and cultural heritage of this rich mining region in Brazil and asks - Is it worth it?

Marcelo Barbosa has been a film director and photographer for over 20 years now. He holds a bachelor's degree in media studies from the Universidade de Brasília (UnB), and also attended the Technical Improvement Course of Cinematographic Direction at Consorzio per la Formazione Internazionale in Rome/Italy.

For over three decades, Paul Heritage has created cultural projects as an investigation of the power of the arts in social change, including award-winning HIV/AIDS, education and human rights work. Paul is noted for his prison projects in Britain and Brazil, reaching tens of thousands of prisoners, guards, and their families with work on arts and human rights; and for his work with AfroReggae in Brazil and the UK from 2001-2012.

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