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The Award Winners of Montreal Independent Film Festival

The award winners of the latest edition of Montreal Independent Film Festival were announced on April 29th. The festival has continued its monthly virtual edition since the lockdown and plans to have its annual event in August of 2021 when the best films of the year will be announced. The emerging and visionary Canadian festival has grown in popularity by independent film talents from all over the globe.

The monthly winners could be further nominated for the annual event and the finalists of the annual festival will be screened through the festival and receive cash awards, promotions and bonuses. The members of jury consists of filmmakers, distributors, critics and award winning artists from Canada and all over the world. All the award winners of the month can request online screening of their projects through TFC which has screened over hundreds of shorts and many features for MIFF last year. It is with great pleasure for us to announce the latest winners of the festival in various categories.

Best Narrative Feature:

Director: Bernardo Barreto

Best Narrative Short & Best Edit:

The Great Artist

Director: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Best Canadian Narrative Short:

Director: Elbina Oulmacheva

Best Documentary Feature:

Director: Dominique Choisy

Best Documentary Short:

Director: Andres Bronnimann

Best Canadian Indie Film:

Director: Shane Colin Mountain

Best Horror & Best Director:


Best Feature Comedy & Best Producer:

Director: J.D Cohen

Producer: Chloe Traicos

Best Short Comedy: The Affair Director: Victor Leonidis

Best Short Canadian Comedy:

Director: Jamie Norrie

Best Animation & Best Trailer:

Directors: Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan

Best Science Fiction:

Director: Shane Joseph Willis

Honorable Mention Science Fiction:

Director: Michael Jeanpert

Best Series/Web/Pilot:

Director: Elias Plagianos

Best Experimental Film:

Director: Karl Nussbaum

Best Experimental Canadian Film:

Director: Liana Carbone

Best Human Rights Documentary:

Director: Tiago Rezende

Best Human Rights Drama:

Director: Kent Flaagan

Best First Time Filmmaker:

Director: Kimberly Drake

Honorable Mention Canadian Short:

Director: Logan Charron

Best Student Film:

Director: Sara Del barba

Best Canadian Student Film:

Director: Maxim-Olivier Lavallée

Best Feature LGBTQ:

Director: Stuart Sox

Best Short LGBTQ:

Director: Ameya

Best Music Video:

Director: Zach Stevens

Best Canadian Music Video:

Saintfield: "Into the World"

Director: Adrian Smith

Honorable Mention Canadian Music Video:

Director: Sly Furino

Best Thriller:

Director: Alejandro Trigos

Best Cinematography & Best Poster: Dying Of The Light

Director: David Newton

Producer: Annie Peet

Best Actor:

Matthew Postlethwaite For The Great Artist

Best Actress:

Lydie Misiek For Against My Will

Best Composer:

Director: A.J. Ciccotelli

Composer: W. Allen Wrede

Best Screenplay:

Writer: Arthur Tiersky

Best Canadian Screenplay:

Writer:: Harold L. Brown

Best Photographer:

Colin Zhg

Best Female Director:

Director: Ana Ortiz

Best Environmental:

Director: Michel Hellas

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