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Vini is a university student who is in a tough spot in his life. He lacks companionship, is severely introverted, and anxiety-ridden. When the state of his well-being is far from healthy he meets Emma, a bubbly, extroverted blind girl who he initially wants nothing to do with. A couple of coincidental meetings later, Vini’s quietness starts to crack, and he learns to get out of his shell and begins to find happiness. Vini’s problems seem to be a thing of the past but soon enough his journey to find himself reveals the truths he may not want to know.

At 12 years old, in Ghana, I discovered my love for making films, specifically YouTube videos. I spent my days and nights making whatever type of video I could, hoping to post it and become famous. Soon enough, I learned that the mentality I had was not going to get me anywhere. Fast forward to 5 years later, when I moved to Toronto, Canada, I discovered Tik Tok and started to use my video skills on that platform. The COVID-19 pandemic hit soon, and I decided to try my hand at some primary special effects. I had some practice due to my time making videos in Ghana, but I still needed to do something past basic masking. My first video trying this new style managed to amass 1.5 million views and nearly 400 thousand likes. Soon after that video, another one picked up 31 million views and 5.8 million likes (adrienmarquet13 on Tiktok). All this happened when I was in twelfth grade. Still, with my attendance at my new post-secondary school, Toronto Metropolitan University for Creative Industries, I started to slow down on the videos and wanted to focus on advertising and creative direction. However, At 19 years old, something entirely unexpected happened toward the end of my first year of university. I came upon this idea for a youtube video that involved a simple four-paged script and a crew of three people, me and two actors. As time passed and we made new connections, this project grew to a 60+ cast and crew (all volunteering to be a part of this film), investments by the school, a 25-page script, and this student short film called 8 BALL was made. After all that hard work and dedication by every member of the cast and crew, a movie was made that we are all proud to present. And now the scary but inconceivably thrilling question is asked, what’s next?



Adrien is a wonderful mind with a lot of potential. Very proud to see what he has brought to life with his team. Go Marquet!


What awards was this film nominated or win?

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