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2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival

Montreal Independent Film Festival brings together emerging and established names in the film industry to compete together in various sections of the seasonal and annual festival. MIFF has turned into a very popular film institution and a film festival which has dedicated itself to the cinematic language and the promotion of arts and artists working in media. The winners of the seasonal festival are further nominated for the annual festival. Montreal Independent Film Festival's annual program was a hybrid event in 2022 which started with the screening of Under Spanish Skies in Cinema du Parc. The winners of the annual 2022 festival are selected from the seasonal winners of the last year. It is with great pleasure for us to announce the winners of the year.

Best Narrative Feature

A Director's Journey

Director: Manilo Roseano

Best Narrative Short


Director: Boulanger Romuald

Best Independent Feature:

Under Spanish Skies

Director: Nathan Buck

Best Independent Short

Just another summer

Director: Ryan Little

Best Directing


Director: Do Thanh An (Aaron Donald)

Best Canadian Feature

Moments in Spacetime

Director: Christopher Cowden

Best Canadian Short Five pounds of Pressure

Director: Liam Petite

Best Female Director

8:37 rebirth

Director: Juanita Peters

Best Experimental

The Hairy notion of a green afternoon

Director: Susanne Deeken

Best feature Documentary

A.I at war

Director: Florent Marcie

Best Short Documentary

What remains of me

Director: Nisreen Alsbeihi

Best Youth Artist

Esabella Strickland

Best Script

The Master's servant

Writer: Todd E Wise


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